About Discovery Day

About Discovery Day

Your Discovery Day will provide you with an opportunity to experience, for a day, life as a university student. For example, finding your way around our campus, reading timetables and attending classes. You're going to have a great time.

It isn't really an opportunity for you to gain information on actual courses offered by the University of Wollongong (UOW) - this will come later in the year. Discovery Day is about getting you here to experience life as a uni student and to find out what kind of subjects and degree you might like to do once you finish the HSC. 

If you require information on courses offered by UOW, please refer to our website or contact the University on 1300 367 869. 

The Discovery Day program is aimed at Year 12 students who are eligible for an ATAR and who are interested in future university study. If you do not intend to go to university, you shouldn't attend Discovery Days.

A few things to keep in mind on the day:

When you arrive... 

  • Ensure that you have read the transport guide and know how you will be getting to and from the campus for Discovery Days.
  • When you arrive on the day, you'll need to register. This will be done according to your surname (not school). You will receive your timetable at registration which will be in the University Hall foyer (building 11). Please check that you spell your name correctly in the Discovery Days online registration system and correct any mistakes - however you write your name in the registration process is how your name will be written on your Discovery Day timetable. 
  • UOW has been working closely with your Careers Adviser to organise your visit - so if you have any questions; in the first instance check with your Careers Adviser.

Your classes...

  • Due to size restrictions in sessions, it is important that you only attend the sessions you are enrolled in. Organisers will be as fair as possible in allocating session preferences to all students; in most cases - this will be done on a first in-first served basis.
  • Please arrive on time to your lectures and do not leave the sessions before they are completed. It is imperative that you DO NOT leave half way through Session 6. All buses will be departing from the Western Car Park (P4) at 3:00pm so you will have ample time to make your bus after any session.

Finding your way...

  • To navigate your way around the campus and find the lecture theatre that your classes are in, please keep your eye out for signs and UOW students wearing Green t-shirts. You will also receive a map of the campus on the day when you register.


  • Lunch will be from 12pm - 1pm on the day. There will be entertainment on the Duck Pond Lawn. You should bring your own lunch - or you can buy food from UOW's facilities. Prices are comparable to any fast food take-away outlets. For a list of our food outlets, click here
  • If you're staying over night, you will have the chance to make a packed lunch when you have your breakfast at one of our UOW Residences.


  • Please bring a pen and paper
  • Please be sun-smart on the day. Sunscreen and a hat are a must!
  • Bring a re-usable bottle of water - we have water re-fill stations where you can top up during the day.
  • Make sure you enjoy your day!

At the end of the day...

  • All bus and car departures at the end of the day will exit from the  Western Car Park . Due to the volume of participants and buses involved, it is imperative that you do not meet at any other point other than at the Western Car park. We will have current UOW students and staff direct you to this car park at the end of the day.
Last reviewed: 5 September, 2016